Be Lit Scope of Services

Period 1 - Concept and Preliminary Planning

In the first stage , lighting design concept will be presented to the client based on the background requirements and intended information from the client and his design team. Luminare selection and the estimated budget will be presented for approval.

Period 2 - Design Development

Upon the concept design approval, we will proceed on developing the sufficient detailed design including lighting layout, control circuit grouping and luminaire specification to permit the other consultants to complete their design layout.

Period 3 - Documentation

We provide complete and comprehensive CAD design drawings together with specification of light fixtures and their control system for Client’s team to use in the Tender and Construction Period.



Period 4 - Tender

Our Designers will assist our Client on review and approve all luminaries and materials relating to the lighting design submitted by the contractors and suppliers.

Period 5 - Construction

Our Project Designers will co-ordination with the Project Manager, Consultants and the Contractor on technical issues and necessary site instruction issue.